A Project Guide to Creating Better Landscapes


Claire Thirlwall, RIBA Publishing 2019

About The Book

Writen by Director Claire Thirlwall, From Idea to Site explores how to improve the working practices of landscape architects and therefore the quality of the design and management of our external environment.

Based around the life of a project, this book puts innovation and technology at the forefront: looking at how they are changing the profession, and how these innovations might be used in the professional arena.


The book also shows how landscape architecture can add to the quality and sustainability of varying construction projects, and how to make the best use of a landscape architect’s skills.

Including in-depth illustrated case studies from UK and international landscape schemes, the book looks at the often challenging process of getting projects to completion – ‘from idea to site’.

For practitioners, Claire Thirwall’s book opens a door to new techniques, new approaches, a wider conception of the landscape profession’s role – and how to do it.

Every landscape office should have a home on its bookshelf for Thirlwall’s  ‘project guide to creating better landscapes’.

Tom Turner –


Director Claire Thirlwall writes a regular column on climate change and biodiversity in Landscape, the journal of the Landscape Institute.