Yesterday I used Twitter to ask the question “what is your top presenting tip?” as I was finalising the slides for my talk at the River Restoration Conference so presenting skills were very much on my mind. I had some wonderful responses so I thought I would share them with you.

@publicityoxford Catherine Warrilow of PublicityOxford, a great presenter herself, suggested this:

“try and make eye contact with lots of people as you speak, don’t single out one person.”

@Garry_Hartley Garry Hartley of Out and About Advertising was a huge help with great three tips:

“My best Presenting tip – If you are nervous, simply think you are just telling your best friends a joke in the pub.”

“Another presenting tip – Make eye contact with everyone in the room and smile.   Prof Brian Cox never stops smiling.”

“Presenting tip 3 – raise and lower your voice to gain interest and pause for a moment.   Its about timing.”

Matt Johns of Johns Associates inspired the title of this post with this great approach:

” I always think, “right, you’re on the roller coaster, you are strapped in, there’s nowhere to run! Hand on for the ride!” and things go OK from there.”

I agree with Garry about Professor Brian Cox. He is a great presenter and that smile never breaks!

Thank you to all of you who gave your advice and I’ll let you know how the talk goes.